MALLSTAR 2023 – Semifinals

They started on instagram and now they inspire shopping and fun!

We say START VOTING because we have 10 semi-finalists for the MALL STAR 2023 title!

Until 21 February, you can vote for your favourite #MallStar2023 contestant via their album on our IG page. Your vote is only valid if you follow our Instagram page @electroputeremall.


In alphabetical order, we’re happy to announce the 10 most chic semi-finalists who impressed the judges and made it to the second round of the #MallStar2023 competition. You can find them on the ElectroPutere Mall page with their profiles:

@alexia.balaci, @andrageaninam, @_acioroianu, @dachrris, @dianavonw, @lexyaalx,, @mecu_alexandra29, @oanaxbarbu, @victoria_trai

The winner will become the face of EP Mall 2023 and will receive a shopping voucher worth 5000 euros. But to get there, she has to get a lot of votes and get into the final. Vote by 21 February and we’ll find out who #MallStar2023 is on 1 March.