Okaidi, the fashion designer for children from 0 to 14 years old brings each season in over 1100 stores around the world, modern and comfortable collections designed to meet the most demanding tastes in fashion.

Having as main goal the development and welfare of children`s around the world, Okaidi has created two brands differentiated by age, to meet the needs of each stage of a child’s life:

Okaidi, a brand for children from 2 to 14 years, comes with colorful collection`s that mixes various fashion trends. Affordable, comfortable and attractive clothes make from Okaidi the most appreciated brand by parents and children.

Boys will find in our stores modern jeans, trendy t-shirts and shirts, sneakers, fashion jackets that you can accessorize with a wide range of scarves, hats and caps.

Girls will enjoy dress in feminine colors, pants and skirts with modern cuts and the universe accessories will help them to create stylish outfits competitive to those of mothers.

Obaibi is the brand dedicated to little ones from 0 to 2 years old and aims to meet the needs of early childhood. In Obaibi corners of our stores you will discover a world of gentleness, warm and protective for babies. Sweet colors, 100% natural materials and practical cuts will help little ones discover the world at their own pace. Cotton bodys, overalls and trousers easy to put on, delicated dresses and gentle toys are the perfect choice if you want to create your child’s wardrobe or to offer a practical inspired gift.

We invite you to discover the fashion trends for children every season in Okaidi store!