Sephora’s secret lies in being “The Ultimate Beauty Destination”: offering a selection of products as incredible as they are cutting-edge also reflecting a taste for freedom, a sense of pleasure and the desire to bring all the beauty in the world to her customers.
This is the absolute paradox of Sephora’s offering: it brings prestige selective, exclusive and in house Made in Sephora brands under the same roof in the trendiest harmony possible.
The beauty retailer never rests on its (gold) laurels. It is quite the opposite: The bold retailer is constantly venturing into uncharted territory. New products, new services, new partnerships, new brands: Sephora never ceases to invent, seek out new trends and create. Sephora does this all over the world for all countries.
But ultimately it’s the customer who decides whether (or not) to make use of the insights offered by this nifty MySephora tool. Because there’s nothing more beautiful than freedom. And at Sephora, beauty advisors are addicted to customer satisfaction!