We created the Azzurro concept because we love food, because we love what we do and we believe we do it well. A warm, romantic and chic atmosphere, elegant architecture, a fusion of tastes which carry you to the beautiful land of Italy, a warm and friendly team are just a few pieces of what Azzurro is. We put passion into everything and we strive to always surprise you whether it is about the architecture and the design of our locations or the unicity and variety of our menu.

With 22 years of business, Azzurro chain relies on a blend of culinary arts and hospitality while the restaurant values remain unchanged: impeccable service, the infinite subtleties of Italian, Romanian and International gastronomy, passion in everything we do, respect for our clients.

After a long shopping day in Orhideea shopping center, Azzurro Orhideea fits perfectly if you want to recharge batteries and indulge your senses with either a pizza that is the star of our restaurant here or a crunchy crust berries cheese cake that will immediately take you into the local gorgeous atmosphere of Italy.
The location has a capacity of 84 seats.

Azzurro Orhideea creates the typical Italian trattorias atmosphere. The moment you enter Azzurro Orhideea the smell of pizza or of hot cappuccino welcomes you and savory tastes are all you need to relax in the heart of a shopping center.