Market leader in the slot machine gaming industry according to specialty rankings, Max Bet offers its customers the highest class gaming services and entertainment in the most spectacular locations in Romania.

In over 120 locations across the country, in 16 cities, Max Bet operates more than 5,500 gaming equipment, supplied by leading manufacturers across the globe, which are diversified annually with the latest technological appearances in the industry.

Max Bet objective is to provide memorable experiences for all clients in all types of locations, from the ones on the street to the high class locations situated in the largest shopping centers across the country.

In every Max Bet location, professional staff is always available to our customers, offering clear and comprehensive information on all services and categories of prizes, local and extended jackpots, promotional campaigns, loyalty system etc.

Besides the winnings that awaits you at Max Bet, you can visit at any time any of our gaming halls in order to relax in an intimate and comfortable setting, or to have some fun together with your friends.